What's in the box?

The Product Journey

The Garment
Made from the best raw materials and grown in ways that are kind to humans, animals and the planet. They are made using organic cotton and recycled polyester. Chemical free without fertilizers or pesticides and ideal for children, especially those with sensitive skin.

The Printing
Printed in the UK using 100% solvent-free water-based inks & environmentally friendly dyes. We use kind factories that use 100% of their electricity from renewable sources and 100% carbon neutral gas - at least 10% of it is green gas from renewable sources like farm waste.

The Packaging
Inside the box there is FSC certified tissue paper that doubles up as colouring paper and printed using soya based inks (FSC = The Forest Stewardship Council, consider these guardians of the forest and trees). We also have eco-friendly stickers, tags and information cards using biodegradable & recycled paper. Our info cards double up as mini prints, so can be popped in a cute frame and reused. Best of all our boxes are environmentally friendly and plastic free, made from three-layered corrugated cardboard.

Eco Credentials
We are proud to say we are a forest-positive brand, which means that every purchase made contributes to a donation of trees to support reforestation. We are also Fair Wear Foundation accredited.