Over the past 100 years we have wiped out 97% of the worlds entire population, of tigers. That means if we lined 100 tigers up in a row, only 3 out of 100 would survive. How sad is that?!

1 MILLION animal species are at risk of extinction as a direct result of human actions.  In under 50 years, wildlife numbers have dropped by 60%. This is the wrong kind of KOOKOO!  Our mission is to do something about it!  We have focused on three of the top endangered animals in the world.

There are roughly 100 mountain gorillas left in the wild and as their habitats continue to be lost, they are now confined to high-altitude forests. 

Humans/ gorilla conflict has had a big impact on their survival. Gorillas are practically family and share 98% of our DNA. They can catch our germs but don't have the immune system to fight them off, so even a cold can wipe out an entire gorilla community.

There are less than 100 of each on the Javan and Sumantran rhinos left on the planet. If we turned Rhinos into people and put them on a bus, there wouldn't even be enough to fill up two double deckers! 

Your purchase goes towards important front line conservation projects.

By replanting trees and helping to rebuild habitats,

your efforts play a huge part in rebuilding homes and ensuring the long term survival of these amazing creatures.