Future Leaders SweaterFuture Leaders Sweater

Future Leaders Sweater

Future Leaders TeeFuture Leaders Tee

Future Leaders Tee

Island Of Kindness TeeIsland Of Kindness Tee

Island Of Kindness Tee

Never Too Small SweaterNever Too Small Sweater

Never Too Small Sweater

Never Too Small TeeNever Too Small Tee

Never Too Small Tee


Did you know...

Last year in the UK we spent a whopping £2.7 billion on clothing we only wore once. If we converted pounds into miles, you could fly around the world 108,429 times!

On top of raising awareness...

Every item purchased goes towards the planting of new trees in Brazil, Borneo, Ecuador and Kenya. All of these are a big tick to help fight climate change.

Over £150million...

Of these clothes ended up in landfills. These pollute the environment and contribute to global warming. Global warming = less polar bears, less coral reefs and more extreme weather